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Clusters refer to an unusually high concentration of an illness amongst people within a discrete geography and/or for a discrete period of time.  We reason that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) clusters provide one of the major clues to understanding the cause of MS.

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Early in MS, demyelination is followed by partial or complete remyelination of lesions.  Later in the course of the disease, demyelination occurs without significant remyelination.  Failure of remyelination destabilizes axons and results in secondary and irreversible neurodegeneration.

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In searching for the cause of Multiple Sclerosis, we believe a critical clue comes from the microscopic description of MS lesions at their earliest stage of formation.  Analagous to a crime scene, consider how vital it is to examine evidence as close as possible to the time of the crime.

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Published Research

T2 prep three-dimensional spiral imaging with efficient whole brain coverage for myelin water quantification at 1.5 tesla.
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